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A collection of traditional tribal music from Melbourne, Australia, covering the period from about 1995 onwards.
The notes that archeologists found when they decoded the antique media containing the musical works (yellow book cd-r, iso9660) seem to suggest that these are all the product of a single person. Current musicological thought considers it more likely that it is the work of many composers who have attributed the works to a single mythological figure for political and religious reasons, pointing out the radical shifts in style between related pieces. The dissenting minority point to deep structural commonalities that crop up between superficially dissimilar works. The purpose of this current collection is to allow you, the discerning listener, to decide.

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Some very old bits and pieces ... piano pieces generated by machine and reprocessed by hand. All the sounds come from soft synths that I built myself. Those were the days ...

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More live stuff, and a harder sound ... still using the handbuilt synths though ... one hammering piece in a quirky time signature..


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Tracks finished off in Ableton ... just before the licence failed. So many unfinished bits, and I was so pissed with the suddenness and completeness of the failure of the crack after two years work ... and many tracks unmastered and partially finished. Well it gave me the impetus to finish porting my own soft synths from the earlier days to Windows. But I like these two, and I'm glad that they got through (just) before the disasterous night. Insurmountable actually finished off in 2007 with a live tabla overdub in a cave in granada by candlelight and failing batteries. Moy bueno ....


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Interesting time ... on the road between India and India via every where else, every when another day in the sun. In germany, sitting in on gigs with Ganga Giri, and Jasper Atlas. In Hungary, doing gigs with the legendary Ur Knall. Ihopskiphop is a collage of indian railway station sounds with an odd sided groove. Hipogeum ... an untouched moment recorded on a telephone, in a Maltese cave temple, surrounded by ghosts from 3000 years ago.


Based in Hungary, and most new material is stored on Sound Cloud. Occasional things are kept here ... things that are still unmastered, or referenced for other projects.

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A series of improvisations based around graphic scores improvised with a staff pen, based on sketches by jennifer parker. An improvisation done on the raw image, followed by an improvised scoring overlay, followed by improvisations on the graphic score on consecutive days.

Lines Over Clouds I was the first, a quick meditation on cycles and nature on soprano sax.

Lines Over Clouds II on alto sax was trickier, somehow this one felt more lyrical, bouncy and whimsical, and it took several attempts to capture the feeling of the image.

Lines Over Clouds III followed lines of symmetry through the original drawing, the graphic is expressive of cycles of life and growth, but an element of symmetry manifests and is expressed through the wide range and tonal colors of the bass clarinet.

Lines Over Clouds V segments the original diagram into 4 elements which roll acrosss the field of play, converging, interacting and diverging. Segments are distinguished by motivic intervals that operate over a base field of intervallic set structures. Initial realization, and 1st takes on alto saxophone. Final 2 takes on soprano saxophone immediately after a take on alto.

Lines Over Clouds VI follows lines that cross the image reflecting the motions of waves through tree leaves, wind driven; or trickles of water through waves of rock, time-spanning. Segments are distinguished by a single motif, alternately in retrogade as it criss crosses the field ... intersecting linking sections cross in a subset of the main set: fast contrasting lines breaking the otherwise measured flow. Realized on bass clarinet.